Saturday, July 15, 2017

Leader Dreamer

This is a short thought I am writing today. What is the most important duty of a Manager and Leader in your work, home or society? I'll let you think.

Think of your dream, what do you want in your life. This dream does not have to linked to your career or family. I am talking about YOU, what do you dream?

How many of us have a clear dream of what we want? This dream you are envisioning now, might be unachievable as of now. But this is what you want your life to be, how you want your tale to be told.

Most of us are vague on this YOU dream. This is something your Sunday should put serious thought to.

Now coming back to the most important duty as manager or leader, is to teach your team to dream. Dream epic big, dream desperate and dream clear.

This dream as a leader should be asked by you, advised by you, and mentored by you.
Now you smart people are thinking; wait if he is working under me, and he dream is home of his own how do I help? This is not part of my job.
It is part of your job, it is how you nurture your team. It's not normal day to day work questions, but this is the guidance and experience you carry they are reaching out for.

As a leader teach them to dream, once they do nurture them to achieve it.



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