Saturday, July 15, 2017

Leader Dreamer

This is a short thought I am writing today. What is the most important duty of a Manager and Leader in your work, home or society? I'll let you think.

Think of your dream, what do you want in your life. This dream does not have to linked to your career or family. I am talking about YOU, what do you dream?

How many of us have a clear dream of what we want? This dream you are envisioning now, might be unachievable as of now. But this is what you want your life to be, how you want your tale to be told.

Most of us are vague on this YOU dream. This is something your Sunday should put serious thought to.

Now coming back to the most important duty as manager or leader, is to teach your team to dream. Dream epic big, dream desperate and dream clear.

This dream as a leader should be asked by you, advised by you, and mentored by you.
Now you smart people are thinking; wait if he is working under me, and he dream is home of his own how do I help? This is not part of my job.
It is part of your job, it is how you nurture your team. It's not normal day to day work questions, but this is the guidance and experience you carry they are reaching out for.

As a leader teach them to dream, once they do nurture them to achieve it.



Thursday, June 1, 2017

Success Growth : what do we do to achieve it?

Recently a life event reminded me of an experience that was shared with me, which has such great meaning and understanding. 

There was a training, and the trainer handed over balloons and pins to all the participants. Later he informed to blow the balloons tie and keep it with them. 

As the participants were blowing their balloons, he quietly went around them and drew an enclosed borderline boxing them in. 

When the participants were done, he said I have a timer as soon as I say 1,2,3 go it starts. Your duty is to protect the balloon you own and never step out of the boundary. It seemed very simple and easy. 

He said 1,2,3 go. The end of the word GO the participants were in so much energy, they went running and chasing to burst the balloon of the other. So much excitement, all you heard was the pop sound of balloons. 

It got interesting, the athletic dudes who survived till the last one minute of the round had a surprise heading their way. Then you saw teamwork the guys whose balloons had burst were racing as a team to the few people who had survived. The time eventually ended, around two people were left from the crowd with balloons on hands. 

The trainer said well done that was a lot of energy shown right there. 

He continued on to say, we are thought to compete since school. Be the first in the class, where is the missing two marks? Why only two A's? 

This is what we carry forward as an adult. I never specified to burst the other person's balloon, I said protect your balloon for four minutes. Your lizard brain initial kick in, was to bring down the other. Lifting the balloon with one hand you just ran. 

Then the mentality escalates, multiple people who have not succeeded on the goal got together to bring the survivors down, amazing teamwork don't you think? 

Now can I ask the participants who are still holding the balloon what did you different? One replied, he just concentrated on protecting the balloon. This says at no time was he trying to bring down the other but worked on achieving his goal. 

I'll leave you thinking right there. Today and now think ponder, what change do you want to inflict, what change are you trying to influence.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

The ever-growing Travel Industry

I am writing on some questions most might think but never would speak out loud in the travel industry.

The increasing number of hotels, resorts have been overwhelming. So many luxury investments and expansions around the world. As for the destination, I am familiar with Maldives is due to open 6 new luxury exciting hotel chains by the end of this year.

Does the increasing bed count in hotels, increase the travel community globally? Is luxury going to remain expensive and for the elite who can afford? What are we doing to expand awareness of the destinations we sell? Are we understanding that industry disruptors such as AirBnB exist in the world? Are we acknowledging the fact the budget of Traveler is getting smaller? Are we acknowledging great service, great customer interactions are a norm now?

These are questions I often ponder been an insignificant member of the travel community. Would we be able to gain back the trust of our fellow travelers? Would we come to agreement luxury is something entailed for all travelers? Luxury is not to be defined by price no more.

To the global investment expansions occurring on a daily and yearly basis, are we ready for the disruption about to happen in the years to come?
Are we ready not to sell one brand but focus on selling the destination with harmony and share the fruits? Are we ready to give that happiness we stand by to create memories to our fellow travelers back?

These are thoughts as an industry we should question and ponder about the industry we believe as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company motto states "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen."