Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tips for Presentations

Hi there,

  • Do not use technical jargon, talk common language. Make it simple for any laymen to understand the point you are trying to get through
  • Presentations should be about a DREAM, do not sell the common day to day. Make your idea sound like a dream, make the listener envision it want it.
  • Keep the slides simple, short. Do not bore the listeners, with current age the attention span of a human has reduced. Don’t capture them fast, they already have phased out.
  • Dress to impress, sorry your degrees, status, or your wallet is not what you it’s simply you. That’s presentation skill too is a requirement not only what you are about to explain.
  • Do not call anyone Sir or Madam, keep it Mr. or Ms. the moment you Call Sir you have already said you are inferior, no one takes anyone seriously unless from a point of authority.



Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ven. Ajahn Brahm; the Business Community and Professionals.

This is a short blog post, things I heard on my amazing experience listening to Ven. Ajahn Brahm.
There were certain things he explained which was valuable advice and eye openers wanted to share with you briefly my experience.

Have empathy towards your leader, you would not know not what that person of authority goes through. Would you be able to do or react the same in the same position?

Don't take decisions from a point of fear.

Teach yourself to go to work thinking of making another happy (smile, kindness, educate)

The boss is the bottom of an inversed pyramid, they are support system to all.

Amount of hours worked is not productivity, after a while the mind gets exhausted does not become productive. Hence rest whichever way you can take a break.

For innovation to happen sometimes ideas should come from other mindsets than from the same trade. Two different mindset ideas synergizing as one.

How to criticize an employee. Sandwich method, first layer give them praise, appreciate their good and dedication then comes the BUT filling, you say what they did wrong, what they haven't improved on. Last layer is the thanking for been there and their loyalty.

Any employees’ top performance is only 70%, 30% is what the leaders join in to improve their employees.

Have meetings of what worked, not what failed. Find the reasons why it worked, motivate your business other family. What made today a happy day a good day not the days when it didn't. Focusing on mistakes cultivates negativity.

Difficulties of life is where we grow.

Hope this was an interesting read for you.

LISWITH, Over and Out!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Startup Pavilion

Infotel 2017, Startup Pavilion.

This is a place for all entrepreneurs from different trades to be at get inspired.
I saw many familiar faces all with new ones. Everything from Robotics educational services for youngsters, E wallets, Sri Lanka produced gaming, B2B total solutions, Doctor Services via video chat, Enterprise retail solutions, VR experience for a apartments or hotels, and Social Media gurus who take care of your online marketing solutions.

YES!!! Sri Lanka is going places.

This is was great to see young generation getting together under one roof and showcasing their hard work.

What I see as an outsider was that they lacked the support of the trade. No one told them how to create leads, that when they speak to a potential user they should be enthusiastic about it, that no one will walk to their stall and ask Hi! What does you company do? They had to believe in themselves and fuel that inner fire to set fire to each person that spoke to them. Word of mouth the oldest form of marketing. They were not mentored to market themselves along with their product. Not taught to educate a novice what they do.

Today I am writing to inspire all of you at the Startup Pavilion, bring your "A" GAME everyday.
Show people proudly what your passion built and what places you are heading, don’t shy away from educating anyone you meet what you do, what you product does, and how you are the next big thing.

Cheers to all you BRAVE Ladies and Gents who are taking part in this amazing showcase called the STARTUP PAVILION.