Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Snippet Maldives – Sun Aqua Vilu Reef

05 star resort, I would tell you please take the seaplane transfer. Seaplane lands in the ocean, a Dhoni (Maldives traditional boat) take you to the resort. From your Water Villas it is great place to go snorkeling. The Presidential Suite is over water. Sun Aqua Vilu Reef’s secret there is no place ever better to watch the STARS.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Social in Social Media

Everyone’s next big thing is making is big in Social Media Industry, in the amazing of ways marketing has a new baby name is Social Media. Everyone wants to be a guru, wants to be a part of it, allocate a budget for it, and build cool analytical algorithms for it.

To me social media marketing is an intriguing read and follow; how much it is now wrapped in he vast giant called marketing. Social Media now a days relies largely on bug data analysis breaking a human behavioral pattern to numbers.

I always think in the back of my head, how social is this approach? How well does one know their consumers or their needs, wants and desires? To be this Social Media Guru or Whisperer one must own one main quality “Social”. If one does not purchase anything, does not know to enjoy a meal, go shopping for themselves, buy a gift for a loved one, and know wow that’s a new place that opened up, or provide any form of recommendation of a personal experience to a friend. How much good can all the analytics in the world do you? You are missing the key ingredient Social, been an average Joe with needs, wants and desires and working or get what you say “I simply love it”.

Something I think about, how about you?



Saturday, April 28, 2018

By the People, For the People Mobile App ; Mankiwaa

People are taking charge. With the initiation of a ground breaking app, Mankiwwa has entered Sri Lanka.
Mankiwwa is a mobile app which is made with sole purpose for us the public to report day to day incidents to your local authorities.

This helps you reports day to day incidents like garbage or leaks of the road, emergencies on the road due to an accident or the collapse or a tree, the is taking steps into disaster management and even more serious issues like missing persons.

The app is truly simple basically take a picture of video under the specific incident, e.g.: robbery, broken road, landslide, or an unrecognized parcel and submit. It picks up you location (where location has to be on, on your smart mobile) and app informs the relevant authority.

Due to the sensitivity of the reports submitted the user shall always remain anonymous. The dashboard shall alert you on incidents that require announcements but no images or videos shall be ever displayed.

This is empowering us the public to take charge of our immediate surroundings. ManKiwwa is on the go on approaching government bodies, and other official authorities to make way to this by people for the people mobile app island wide.