Friday, January 5, 2018

Shall we try and stereotype some market behaviors to the Maldives?

I am going to stereotype some market behaviors to the Maldives.

Chinese market, main travel period are Chinese New Year which may differ from January or February according to their annual calendar, second is the National Day week in October each year. Their stay is usually a 04 Night period with the combination of 02N Beach + 02N Water. Which resorts they visit is majorly influenced by agent market trends.

Russia & CIS market, this market has two exclusive holidays the Orthodox Christmas first week of January and the May day holiday. They are long stay pax 7 / 14 / 21 nights, huge fans of beach accommodation. They are favorites for the FNB departments of resorts.

Middle East market is a growing market to the Maldives. They are very specific on privacy, please find a villa with vegetation or a wall covering the villa, this would a very important point. Pools are an additional benefit, as always ensure the passengers have privacy not open pools so the neighbors. Meal plans vary from BB to maximum HB on a trend. They are rather new visitors to Maldives hence always educate them about Maldives so they have a clearer picture. They are not long stay pax 3 to 4 nights stay. Travel increase during Eid Al Adha and Eid Ul Fitr. Very last minute travelers.

Indian market is surprisingly a very old market to the Maldives. They always will find value for money, they are very savvy about the destination in terms of how the destination works and does extensive research on offers available in the market. They are sensitive to their meal plans make sure always that is a strict rule to follow, when a guest specifies they require Jain or vegetarian meal plans. They are 3 to 4 night travelers, their travel does increase Jan – Mar each year due to wedding season and very fond of excursions and candle lit dinners.

Australian market this a new baby, a booming baby. Average stay is around 05 nights, this is the market dominating the Surf market in the Maldives. Maldivian surf season runs throughout the various atolls from mid-February to November, some known resorts for this sport, Holiday Inn Kandooma, Maalifushi by COMO, Six Senses Laamu, Four Seasons Kuda Huraa and Cinnamon Dhonveli. Their booking period is mostly prior advanced and well planned.

Last but not least the oldest market segment to the Maldives, the pioneers European market (Europe and UK markets). They are too long stay passengers, madly in love with the beaches the Maldives has to offers, the clear water they have to offer. They book in advance as well, they mostly loves beach room categories, and they spend way less times snuggled in their rooms but out and about on the beach or in the ocean. This market has always been closer to heart of Maldives since tourism started in country through all the ups and downs this market segment has faced over the years.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

24 things When selling the Maldives...

The destination we all dream for, some of you sell

1. Maldives Government off day is Friday.
2. Working Hours are 9 am - 6pm.
3. Non-negotiable on payment policies.
4. Non-negotiable on cancelation policy.
5. Rates are higher November - April. (Winter)
6. Rates are lower May – October. (Summer)
7. Not a shopping Destination.
8. One Island One Resort.
9. Inter Resort transfers are via the Airport. Airport -> Resort 01 -> Airport -> Resort 02 -> Airport. (mostly)
10. Usual turnaround time of resorts on confirmation is 24H.
11. Availability of Maldives is always subject to change without prior notice, as they have less room counts and sold globally.
12. Speedboat resorts are only resorts within Male Atoll.
13. Seaplanes land on water, no they are not air conditioned, and yes they are very scenic.
14. How Domestic transfers work are; Land in International terminal, come out, walk to the domestic terminal, land in domestic airport, and take speedboat to the resort. Why take a speedboat after landing in the domestic airport? As the concept says One Island One Resort.
15. Airport is not in Male, it is in Hulhule Island. Male city is a boat ride (Dhoni) away from Hulhule.
16. No there are no cars in resorts.
17. Maldives is not very famous for its night life, but for its aquatic life, no there are no jungles or mountains (trekking).
18. Maldives resorts are very strict on their exclusivity agreements.
19. Maldives offers and rates, are mostly segmented market wise.
20. Maldives Resorts, it is always better to know client budget. Prices vary vastly even within a singular star category e.g.: 05 Star.
21. Male City Tour is done on foot.
22. Maldives for speedboat resorts, once check out they do not drop you straight to the airport till the time of your flight they keep you in the resort, you can pay and use their services. This is slightly different with seaplane and domestic flight as they have operating hours.
23. Seaplane timings are given the one day prior usually in the evening.
24. Maldives transfers are not arranged on times, but on International flight numbers.



Friday, December 1, 2017

First came the floods, then came the cyclones – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been the victim of floods, and now of cyclones now. Sri Lanka has been effected atleast by 03 natural disasters per year. This is the time for General Public and the Government to take precautions on a Disaster Management Crisis. Each natural disaster is sadly struck in the same given areas and districts, leaving 1000s displaced each time. The settling reoccurs in the same given areas, making them prone to the next natural disaster.

Sri Lanka took step number one where the Met Dept. issued a bad weather warning. This was not taken seriously by the General Public even though warned earlier, this includes me as well. This would be people losing trust in the system and not taking such statements seriously.

This is greatest of times for the Government or a Public entity to have an effective Disaster Management Crisis team which would be ready for action anytime the country needs.

Environmental disaster has had a frequency, it is high time we listened to Mother Nature and took the necessary precautions.