Monday, February 4, 2019


Mankiwwa the Social Change application of Sri Lanka. If you have not heard of Mankiwwa as a Sri Lankan you should. It's a mobile application that you can lodge complaints and social services. This is made for citizen empowerment to report anything from a roadside water leak, illegal garbage dumping, taking it all the way to a roadside accident or a robbery.

Mankiwwa has won so many social accolades over the past year. Getting them noticed in the social change and digital infrastructure circles of Sri Lanka.

This is not the reason why they are silent heroes, it is because they travel all over Sri Lanka trying and getting appointments with local authorities to educate them of the application and trying to sign them up. It is because they are empowering citizens silently where they already have users reporting such incidents and local authorities having a spark of light to green light the application.

They also have been taken note by Child Protection in Sri Lanka. They are trying hard to change Sri Lanka one person at a time, one authority at a time.




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